About Marlow Music

Marlow Music started as a small independent label where we were based out of Amarillo, Texas. The name of the label at the time was T.I.N. Stak Records. The T.I.N., an acronym for Texas Independent Network.

At that time we didn't really have a clue what we were doing but we loved making music. It really started with OutOfMind and Cilos.

Eventually, after signing a few artists and not knowing "The Way", we shut down the label.

Some years later, I started making music again for myself. Shortly after that a few artists began asking for some help. I decided to create something new.

It's not really new, I just thought of a couple ways that I could help aspiring artist get out and known and eventually hit it big.

Marlow Music was born! Now based in NWA - Northwest Arkansas in the home of the Razorbacks, Fayetteville.

Our Mission is to provide all sorts of talent an opportunity to get into the business and learn how to become successful on their own with our guidance. We aren't here to try and make millions off of the artist. We put more money back into the artists hands. That's why we're different!

If you're an aspiring artist in any genre and want to learn while you enjoy working at your craft, Contact Us!